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We are ambitious team of professional tipsters collected hard over the years in order to have the necessary specialists needed for success in the betting business nowadays !

Services that we offer to our customers are really valueable , every day our proposed professional soccer bet predictions have great probability of success more than 80% according to our professional tipsters and our betting algorithms created over the years of hard work ! We propose to our serious customers/bettors every day professional bets with odds between 1.70-2.20 according to the daily soccer betting catalogue .

Our price of every soccer combo predictions is 40.00 euros , also  we have soccer single bet prediction for 89.00 euro , this is a price suitable for serious bettors , who want really to make profit from the betting business every single month on a full time base , and they rely on our professional team to deliver the hottest football bets for the day !

Follow our soccer bet predictions daily and success in a long term is guaranteed ! Thank you for your trust !

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If you are ready to work seriously with us you can just choose one of our offers for today and just click on the button to purhase the chosen from you soccer bet ! After we confirm your payment soccer bet will be immediately sent to your email address and you will ready to put your bet on your bookmaker ! For payments via PayPal, Skrill/Moneybokers or Western Union just feel free to contact our team !


I Had a LOSE, Next Day?

First of all we want to tell you that it is very important to be patient and calm and disciplined and to bet every day only our soccer bets and if it possible to follow our services every day to be able to help you with our betting algorithm and to be sure that at the end of the month you will make steady profit ! Our main idea is profit in a long term and we do not respect emotional decisions and trying to make daily profit immedaitely which is not professional at all ! When you hit a LOSE just purchase again on the next day some of our soccer bets and just increase the stake of your bet with 50-70 % more according to the odd to be able to cover the loss from previous day and make clear profit when we make a clear won ! After this won next day again start to put your initial bet ! Use this bank management for long term success !

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