If you’re feeling bored with your bets lately, then it’s probably a good idea to try something new for a change and sharpen your skills as a bettor. If you wonder what’s new to try, then the asianhandicap betting could be the answer for you.
Although it’s a pretty much new way of betting, the asian handicap is constantly increasing its popularity not just among asian bettors, but among bettors from all around the globe.
One of the popular variations of the asian handicap is the 0 asian handicap. This basically means that both of the selected teams are given an equal chance to win. The best thing for you is that the draw is eliminated as a possible outcome, so if the game ends with a draw, your stake is going to be refunded.
With the 0 asian handicap you have to pick the team who is going to win the game. Simple as that. Of course, with the draw not being an option you’re geting much closer to winning the bet, but make no mistake – because of the two teams being regarded of the same quality, it would not be an easy pick. You would still need a good valuation of the game and it would require a clever decision to make the successful bet.
Just how we said, at least you will have one reason less to worry with the draw being refundable in this situation. The only thing you will have to worry about is the other team winning the game, so basically it’s a 50:50 chance for you of winning the bet.
This is just one of the ASIAN HANDICAP betting variations you could try, starting today. It may sound complicated for you in the beginning, but with a little bit of experience you will master it and you will eventually become better in it.