Asian handicap betting methods

The asian handicap betting is a relatively new type of betting, which is gaining more and more popularity in the market. How you could suggest by the name of it, this method is very popular in Asia, but the truth is that its popularity is raising among bettors from different parts of the world as well.
The asian handicap is basically eliminating the chance for a draw in a football game, giving each team a chance for winning, even if there’s a solid difference in terms of quality and class.
One of the asian handicap methods you could try is the 0.5 asian handicap. For example, let’s say that Bayern are playing against Wolfsburg. Bayern are the favourite to win the game, so they start with a -0.5 handicap, while Wolfsburg are being given an imaginary half a goal lead with a +0.5 handicap.
If you bet on Bayern winning, then they have to catch up with their handicap and win with at least one goal difference. That’s easy, right? It’s a lot more interesting to bet on the weaker team in this case – Wolfsburg. Because they are not the favourite to win, they start the game with an advantage of 0.5 goals. This means that even if the game finishes with a draw, but you bet on Wolfsburg, you still win because of their 0.5 goals advantage. And if they win the game, well it’s logical – you win as well.
The good thing about the asian handicap betting is that it’s giving you a lot of options to try. This is a great way to refresh your betting experience and see if the handicap betting is working well for you at all. Because of the different variations of asian handicap, you should try as much of them as possible and see where you’re good at it.