Five losses in a row. Seven consecutive games without a win in the Allsvenskan. This is how you could describe the nightmare which Helsingborg is living right now in the elite of Swedish football. If it was not about his name, fame and reputation, Helsinborg’s manager Henrik Larsson most surely would be already fired right now.

Soon enough being a contender for the gold medals, right now Helsinborg must fight for its elite status in Swedish football. Now Henrik Larsson’s team will try to record its first win from its last seven games, welcoming at home ground one of the strongest teams in the league Norrköping.

Norrköping are currently just one point behind the leader in the Allsvenskan Malmo FF. Jens Gustafsson’s team won four of its last five games in the league, which is in a really strong contrast to Helsingborg’s performance. And most surely, it’s absolutely clear which team is the big favourite to take the win from this clash.

Something more – Norrköping is also the team with the most deadliest attack in the Allsvenskan this season. They have scored 46 goals in 21 games played, which is more than any other team in the league so far. The current leader Malmo FF have scored 44 times. Norrköping is also the team with the second best defense in the league – they have conceded 20 goals so far, with only Malmo conceiding less – 16.

Helsingborg on the other hand conceded 42 goals in 21 games played – a terrible performance in defense for Henrik Larsson’s team. They are also not scoring much – just 24 goals for 21 games, which is far away from the stats which Henrik Larsson would probably want to see.

Norrköping is the big favourite in this game, based on overall class and recent form. For Helsingborg it’s going to be a difficult fight against relegation until the end of the season.