Kalmar welcomes Halmstad in a game from the 6th round of the Swedish Allsvenskan. Here are our winning soccer predictions about this interesting game from the elite of the Swedish football.

 It was really a not good start of the new season for Kalmar. After playing four games in the Allsvenskan, they are at the bottom of the table with just one point won so far – against Hammarby away from home.

 In other words, Kalmar have not won even a single point at home this season, so now they will try to do it against Halmstadt.

 As for Halmstadt, they have won 5 points from their first four games in the Allsvenskan. It’s not allowing them to be in the first half of the table, but it’s certainly a much better of a performance, compared to Kalmar.

 Kalmar lost its last game in the Swedish league, getting beaten with 3-0 by Sirius. It was a really another bad game for Peter Swardh’s team. Kalmar really have to improve its performance, if they want to survive in the Allsvenskan this year.

 In its last game Halmstadt made a 0-0 draw during the visit to AFC Eskilstuna. They had some chances to clinch the win, but in the end both teams were unable to score and beat each other.

 As we look at both teams’ performance so far, clearly Halmstadt is the favourite to win the game. They seem to be the better team so far, although it’s still a very early phase of the season, so a lot of things could change in the coming months.

But in our winning soccer predictions we could say that Kalmar are the clear underdog in this clash, although they are playing at home. If you have decided to try your luck on this one, we hope you get it right. Good luck!