Times are hard for Wolfsburg at the moment. The Wolves are underperforming and are currently placed at the relegation play-off in the Bundesliga, which is far from satisfactory for their usually high ambitions and overall class of the squad. They need wins and points as soon as possible, but now they will face a difficult challenge against Bayer Leverkusen.

 As for Leverkusen, we could say that their performance is also not the best one possible for a team with their potential. Bayer can’t even get into the Bundesliga Top 10 at the moment, being placed 11th in the table. Part of the reason for that are the two consecutive losses against Werder and Hoffenheim, which really hurted the club’s position in the table. It’s also surprising that so far Leverkusen conceded more goals than they actually scored – 12 conceded goals and just 11 scored.

 For Wolfsburg these stats are even worse. The Wolves managed to win just one game in the Bundesliga so far – against Augsburg, but they also scored just five goals in eight games so far, which is a really poor stat for their offense. There is just one team in Germany who is scoring less goals than Wolfsburg at the moment and that’s Hamburger SV.

 Leverkusen will rely once again on their mexican stiker Javier Hernandez. Chicharito scored five goals in the league since the start of the campaign, being one of the most deadliest players in Germany at the moment. But if Bayer want to do better than they did in their last two games, they will need more effort from the whole team.

 This is not an easy game to predict, mainly because both teams are facing difficulties at the moment. But we could say that Leverkusen are a slight favourite to get the three points.